Watch! An Ohio Man was Shot in the Face by a Woman he Allegedly Raped at His Business. Do you Support her or him?

Duane Portman (pictured) was arrested on rape and kidnapping charges. He arraigned on Friday after the victim told police that the 44-year-old man sexually assaulted her. According to court records, Portman was shot in the face on Sept. 2 by the victim during the attack at his place of employment, Labelz 4 Less, in Springfield.The victim told cops that she was able to wrestle a gun out of Portman’s hand during the attack and shoot him in the face. She then drove to Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton for assistance.When detectives interviewed Portman about the alleged attack, he reportedly told them that he could not remember who shot him or where he was when he was shot. The cops cuffed him based on those comments.

A shopper at Labelz 4 Less told ABC 22 that the perp had it coming.

“I’m glad she is safe, and was able to get away.” A shopper of the store said.  “And I guess he deserved what was coming to him. ” Portman is being detailed at the Clark County Jail on $50,000 bond. Source

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