Man Buys Apartment Complex Worth $4 Million – Lets Homeless Women And Kids Live For Free

They say money can’t buy you happiness and I do believe that is true. True happiness comes from within. Money can help people get out of some very unhappy situations though. Rick Steves is a guru and travel writer. You may be familiar with his work as a host on the Travel Channel

man and house

He took a different tack when investing his money – he didn’t invest in stocks or bonds or any sort of savings account. Rick invested it into his community and the people! Rick understands that finding an affordable (free) place to sleep is not an easy thing to do.

man and house

Rick decided to help some young, single women be successful mothers by purchasing Trinity Place apartment complex back in 2005 – for a whopping $4 million!. The whole idea was to convert the complex into housing for single mothers who needed help.

man and house

Rick doesn’t collect any rent and claims that he gets income from the equity the complex! Trinity Place gives mothers who are recovering from drug addiction a stable place to call home. The Rotary Club and YWCA are also involved with Rick to get the families back on their feet.

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