Hellcat Crashes Badly During Street Race!

If we had a dollar for every time we told people not to race on the street and to keep that kind of shenanigans for the drag strip, well we’d had a few bucks but that’s not the point, the point is, be safe on the streets and keep everybody else safe, that should be a number one priority for every driver.

This time a we take you to Mexico where a Honda challenges a, um, Challenger, but the rolling start race goes terribly wrong, that 700 horsepower Hellcat has enough torque to destroy the tires at almost any speed so breaking loose at 20 mph is not something that should surprise the driver, he should be ready to correct that with some skill, but this guy just does the exact opposite and spins off the road and destroys that precious pony car.

Probably even worse, he lost to a Honda, this overcorrecting novice driver pissed us off, he did everything wrong, and for once, the Honda was lucky it was falling behind or he would have wrecked that car too don’t believe us? Check the video.

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