The LARGEST RC Airplane In The World C-17 Is Here!

We know you are all very familiar with the large military transport aircraft – BOEING C-17! This amazing aircraft performs strategic airlift missions as it transports cargo or troops all over the World! Apart from being in service for the USA, it is in service to many more countries such as Australia, Qatar, Canada India and many more!!! However, we are here today to see a footage of its miniature version – RC C-17! Albeit the fact that it is a small scale version of the real C-17, it is still the largest RC airplane ever created!

This is the biggest Remote Control Airplane you have ever seen in your life! It is so big you can easily mistake it for a regular small plane! But, it has all the performance it needs, it is all custom made and in this video you will see the joy and pleasure this Airplane brings to its owners. Just like a regular airplane, it needs a huge empty field to use it as a runway! It also needs to accelerate before it hits the sky, and the sky is not the limit for this RC aircraft! Not everyone can control this one since it is not easy to take off and land! Some serious damages can be done! Check it out!

As we can see from the video that`s exactly what`s happening. The RC operator, or the pilot, surely has some serious skills, and he shows them in various situations, while the largest RC airplane is in the air! For instance, he flies this RC C-17 just several feet of the ground and next to a group of people! In the very next moment, he takes this machine vertically up in the sky making all that look like a child`s play when it is not at all! We can only put our hats down for this amazing creation and performance too!

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